This week we wanted to introduce you to the Copenhagen based clothing brand, Blanche. “Blanche is French for white. You probably already knew that, but we’re telling you anyway. Why? Because white is a color with no hue. Some would even argue that it isn’t a color. Maybe white isn’t really a thing. Maybe it’s nothing. And that’s what we set out from — a clean slate”.Blanche is focused on timeless clothing that is made sustainably and made from fabric that is organic and/or made from fabric that is leftover from production. The retailer focuses on denim but also provides other beautiful knitwear and woven pieces. 

The 2019 Cruise and Spring collections offer many variations on sleeve details. An emphasis on the sleeve has been a consistent trend that continues to grow in popularity. A flared sleeve or shoulder design element are prominent in these collections. These details are often silhouette based and allow you to keep an outfit minimalistic yet unique and fun. 

Blanche Website

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